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Profibus DP, 16 multifunction channels
Art.Nr.: 55309
Vikt: 0.958 kg
Tillverknings land:  DE
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Digital inputs/outputs
PROFIBUS 12 Mbit/s; M12, B-coded
7/8", 5-pole, 2× max. 9 A
M12, 5-pole, A-coded
Connection cables are in the online shop under "Connection Technology".
Housing fully potted.
Bus technologies

General data
Mounting method 2-hole screw mounting
Temperature range -25...+55 °C (storage temperature -25...+70 °C)
Protection IP67
Dimensions H×W×D 2023-03-24 17:41:17
Addressing Rotary switch 1...99
Lamp load 10 W
Actuator supply UA 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 9 A
Switching current per output max. 1.6 A (short-circuit and overload protected)
Sensor supply US 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 200 mA (M12 female), short-circuit and overload protected
Type for 3-wire sensors or mechanical switches, PNP
PIN 4 Input/Output
PIN 2 Input/Output/Diagnostic
Fieldbus PROFIBUS 12 Mbit/s; M12, B-coded
Sensor-system/actuator supply 7/8", 5-pole, 2× max. 9 A
I/O ports M12, 5-pole, A-coded
Product article number of manufacturer 55309
Communication status via LED
Diagnostic via BUS per module and channel
Diagnostic via LED per module and channel
Actuator warning per channel via LED and BUS
Monitoring - under voltage yes
Monitoring - no voltage yes
Short-circuit and overload yes
Cable break per port

ECLASS-6.0 27242604
ECLASS-6.1 27242604
ECLASS-7.0 27242604
ECLASS-8.0 27242604
ECLASS-9.0 27242604
ECLASS-10.1 27242604
ECLASS-11.1 27242604
ECLASS-12.0 27242604
ETIM-5.0 2023-03-24 17:41:17
EAN 4048879051460
Förpackningsenhet 1
Kundens tullnummer 85389099

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  • Ladda ner Approval: UL Listed CA 55309_E201820_NRAQ7_ulc_z_a.pdf
  • Ladda ner Approval: UL Listed US 55309_E201820-NRAQ_ul_z_b.pdf
  • Ladda ner Configuration Files: GSD MURR064A.zip
  • Ladda ner Construction files: DXF 55294_dxf_x_a.zip
  • Ladda ner Construction files: P8 55309_p8_2_50.zip
  • Ladda ner Construction files: P8 55274_p8_2_50.zip
  • Ladda ner Construction files: STP 55294_stp_x_a.zip
  • Ladda ner Document: Installation guide 55307_ina_6_25.pdf
  • Ladda ner Document: User manual 55393_hdb_x_35.zip
  • Ladda ner Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 17-10-21_(6) California Prop65 Ni surface_DoC_z_b.pdf
  • Ladda ner Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 06-02-23_(3) China RoHS 2 25EEP_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Ladda ner Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 09-11-20_(3) RoHS REACh exception 6c 7cI_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Ladda ner Information: Certificate of conformity UKCA 55309_921-04.16_uk_z_a.pdf
  • Ladda ner Information: EU declaration of conformity 55309_921-04.16_ce_z_d.pdf
  • Ladda ner Information: MTBF Report 55309_SN29500(40°C)-BerechnungV1.4_mtbf_p_b.pdf
  • Ladda ner Information: MTTF Report 55309_SN29500(40°C)-BerechnungV1.4_mttf_p_b.pdf

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