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MVK MPNIO DI6 DO6 IOL IRT MVK ProfiNet, metal, galvanic separation
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MVK MPNIO DI6 DO6 IOL IRT MVK ProfiNet, metal, galvanic separation

PushPull RJ45, Energy via PushPull 5-pol.
Art.Nr.: 55516
Vikt: 1.01 kg
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Listpris per styck:
Digital inputs/outputs
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s; Push Pull RJ45 Data connector
Push Pull Power connector, max. 12 A
M12, 5-pole, A-coded
Galvanic isolation
Connection cables are in the online shop under "Connection Technology".
Housing fully potted.
General data
Mounting method 2-hole screw mounting
Temperature range 0...+55 °C (storage temperature -20...+70 °C)
Protection IP67
Dimensions H×W×D 42.7×63×225 mm
Lamp load 10 W
Actuator supply UA 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 12 A
Switching current per output max. 2 A (short-circuit and overload protected)
Sensor supply US 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 200 mA (M12 female)/max. 1 A (IO-Link female), short-circuit and overload protected
Type for 3-wire sensors or mechanical switches, PNP, IO-Link Devices
Specification IO-Link Master V1.1.2
Port Class Class B (galvanically separated)
IO-Link 2× Master
Transfer parameters 32 Byte (In) 32 Byte (Out) per IO-Link port
Operating modes COM1; COM2; COM3 (automatic)
PIN 4 Input (port X3...X5); Output (port X0...X2); IO-Link Master (port X6, X7)
PIN 2 Input (port X3...X5); Output (port X0...X2); U-Actuator IO-Link Class B (port X6, X7)
Fieldbus Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s; Push Pull RJ45 Data connector
Sensor-system/actuator supply Push Pull Power connector, max. 12 A
I/O ports M12, 5-pole, A-coded
Specification V2.3, Conformance Class C (IRT)
Addressing DCP
FSU (Fast-Start-Up) max. 500 ms
PROFINET Netload Class III
MRP yes
Shared Device yes, for 2 controls
Communication status via LED
Diagnostic via LED per module and channel
Diagnostic via BUS per module and channel
Actuator warning per channel via LED and BUS
Monitoring - under voltage yes
Monitoring - no voltage yes
Short-circuit and overload yes
Cable break per port
Kommersiella uppgifter
EAN 4048879619974
eClass 27242604
Förpackningsenhet 1.000
Kundens tullnummer 85389099
Tillverknings land DE
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Uppgifter angående artikel:
  • Ladda ner Datablad
  • Ladda ner Approval: UL Listed CA 55516_E201820-NRAQ7_ULC_Z_A.PDF
  • Ladda ner Approval: UL Listed US 55516_E201820-NRAQ_UL_Z_A.PDF
  • Ladda ner Certificate: CB  55516_DK-63144-UL_CB_Z_A.PDF
  • Ladda ner Certificate: ProfiNet  55516_Z12571-Z40268-11.07.2022-V2.33_PN_Z_B.PDF
  • Ladda ner Configuration Files: GSDML 55530_MVK-M_KF0_X_14.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Construction files: DXF 55516_DXF_X_A.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Construction files: P8 55516_P8_2_50.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Construction files: STP 55516_STP_X_A.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Document: Installation guide 20559091_INA_X_10.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Document: Installation guide 55516_INA_X_13.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Document: Product data 55516_PD_X_10.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Document: User manual 55516_HDB_X_13.ZIP
  • Ladda ner Information: Certificate of conformity UKCA 55516_08-07.20_UK_Z_A.PDF
  • Ladda ner Information: EU declaration of conformity 55516_08-07.20_CE_Z_C.PDF
  • Ladda ner Information: MTTF Report 55516_SN29500(40°C)-BERECHNUNG_MTTF_P_A.PDF
  • Ladda ner Software: Firmwareupdatetool 10500955_AUTOUPDATEX_TB3_X_30.ZIP
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