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Technical Data
No. of poles 6
Connection Crimp
Connection cross section 0.5...4 mm² (AWG 20...11)
Wire-Ø incl. isolation max. 4.6 mm
Operating voltage 500 V AC/DC
Operating current 16 A
Over voltage category III
Material group I
Rated surge voltage 6.0 kV
Current load capacity see derating curve
Contact resistance ≤ 5 mΩ
Isolation resistance ≥ 10^8 Ω
Mating cycles min. 500
Insertion and withdrawal force < 170 N
Holding force (modules) ≥ 220 N
Holding force (contacts) ≥ 130 N
General data
Type Male
No. of module positions 1
Pollution Degree 3
Dimensions H×W×D 44×14.5×34.4 mm
Material (module) PA GF
Material (contact) Brass
Material (contact surface) Ag Au
Flammability class V-0 (acc. to UL 94)
Climatic category 40/125/10
Temperature range -40...+125 °C
Kommersiella uppgifter
EAN 4048879641548
eClass 27143424
Förpackningsenhet 5
Kundens tullnummer 85389099
Tillverknings land CZ
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