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I:180A U:3x600 VAC book-style
Art.Nr.: 10539
Vikt: 5.1 kg
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Technical Data
Operating voltage max. 3× 600 V AC
Operating frequency 50...60 Hz
Overload current 18× (IN t) max. 0.5 ms; 1.5× (IN t) max. 1 min. (1× per hour)
Consumption max. 10 mA (250 V AC)
Connection cross section 25...95 mm² single core (AWG 3...0000); 35...95 mm² multiple core (AWG 2...0000)
General data
Climatic category 25/085/21 (EN 60068-1)
Test isolation voltage 3.3 kV (L-N), 2 s; 3.1 kV (L-L), 2 s
Connection Screw connection, touch protected
Mounting method screw fixing
Dimensions H×W×D 380×120×170 mm
Functional description The 3-phase and 1-/2-stage EMC filters MEF 3/1-3/2 are used in the range 0.1...30 MHz and dampen interferences found in cables from the mains, supply units and control systems. They are suitable for TN-C-mains. The best results are obtained with short con
Kommersiella uppgifter
EAN 4048879029186
eClass 27130806
Förpackningsenhet 1
Kundens tullnummer 85363090
Tillverknings land IT
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  • Ladda ner Approvals and certificates 10539_E255912_FOKY8_urc_z_a.pdf
  • Ladda ner China RoHS information EPUP-50_CHR_x_1.pdf
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